Our Story

The name…

M i k r o v o u t i  is a wordplay of the Greek word makrovouti, which means: a long dive.

Mikro means: small or young.

My daughter made it up, when she was having fun with my best friend, swimming in the crystal, blue waters, of Sifnos ( Cyclades) …

The “grown up” failed doing a makrovouti and she laughed at her saying: “That was a m i k r o v o u t i !!!”

 Our name was inspired by a three-year old, little girl!!!


Playing and carrying

And thats exactly what our advantage is. We listen to the kids. We become kids ourselves. But we also understand the grown ups’ needs too… Why can’t we all be happy?

We love the sea and playing in the sun!!! It’ s so fun and relaxing!!!

You feel the same, don’ t you?

But when it’s time to go, isn’ t carrying the heavy, wet, full of sand beach towels killing you?

m i k r o v o u t i  capsule collection is made for you.

You need practical, stylish, fun, eco friendly, ethically made, sustainable and good cause supporting beach accessories.

You want it all!!! You rock!!!